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Amp overview

The details provided in this document are to the best of my knowledge correct but products are subject to development and their specifications to change. Each manufacturer listed has been sent a copy of this document. Corrections and amendments can be made where notified.


Type (model)
Power nominal (Watts)
Power out (Watts)
Active Device (type)
Bands (160-80-60-40-30-20-17-15-12-10-6-4)
IN (input connectors)
OUT (output connectors)
Tuner (built in)
T/R (relay or PIN diodes)
QSK (ready or non-QSK amp)
CI-V (control availability)
USB (control availability)
RS-232 (control availability)
F (Automatic band sense)
UDP (control availability)
TCI (SunSDR protocol availability)
LAN (control availability)
Remote (control availability)
PreDist (availability)
Weight (kg)
Dimensions W x H x D (cm)
Power (main voltage and consumption)
PSU (built in or separate)
Other options
StandBy (consumption)
IMD3 (PEP - 2 tone)
SW update (free?)
Certified (CE and FCC)
Manufacturer (web site)

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