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Most wanted: FU-728F  (another datasheet here)


2C39A (Eimac) 4PR1000A GS-31B QY3-1000A TB1-60
2C39A (Philips) 4PR400A GS-35B QY3-125 TB2-500
2C39B 4X150A GS-3A QY3-65 TB2.5-300
2C39WA 4X150A GS-9B QY4-400 TB2.5-300 (another datasheet)
3-1000Z 4X150A GS14 QY4-500A TB2.5-400
3-1000Z 4X250B GS15B QY5-3000A TB2.5-400 (another datasheet)
3-400Z 4X5000A GS17B QY5-500 TB3-1000
3-500Z 572B (Svetlana) GS1B QY5-800 TB3-2000
3-500Z (older edition) 572B GS23B QYS50-P40 TB3-350
3CPX1500A7 5CX1500A GS24B RD1.5XA TB3-750
3CPX3500U7 5CX1500A GS27B RD12XB TB3-750 (another datasheet)
3CPX5000A7 5CX1500A GS30 RD12XH TB4-1250
3CPX800A7 5CX1500B GS31B RD12YB TB4-1250 (another datasheet)
3CPX800A7 5CX3000A GS31B RD12YH TB4-1500
3CPX800A7 6146B GS35B RD150YA TB4-1500 (another datasheet)
3CV30000A3 6550C GS36B RD150YB TB4-800
3CW20000A7 6884 GS37 RD150YH TB41250
3CW20000H3 7213 GS3A RD150YJ TB5-2500
3CW20000H7 7213 GS3B RD18YA TB5-2500 (another datasheet)
3CW30000H3 7214 GS90B RD18YH TBH7-8000
3CW40000A3 7457 GS9B RD1XB TBL12-100
3CW40000A5 7580W GU-29 RD1XH TBL12-25
3CW40000H3 7649 GU-32 RD200B TBL12-25 (another datasheet)
3CW5000A1 7650 GU-50 RD20VL TBL12-38
3CW5000A3 7651 GU-73B RD20XF TBL12-38 (another datasheet)
3CW5000F1 7835 GU-81M RD20XH TBL12-40
3CW5000F3 7843 GU10A RD20XK TBL15-125
3CX10000A3 8072 GU10B RD20XL TBL2-300
3CX10000A7 811 GU13 RD27AS TBL2-300 (another datasheet)
3cx10000a7 811A GU17 RD2XF TBL2-400
3CX10000A7 812 GU19 RD2XF (another datasheet) TBL2-400 (another datasheet)
3CX10000H3 8121 GU21B RD2XG TBL2-500
3CX10000H3 8122 GU22A RD2XG (another datasheet) TBL6-14
3CX1000A7 812A GU23A RD2XH TBL6-14 (another datasheet)
3CX100A5 813 GU23B RD2XH (another datasheet) TBL6-20
3CX100A5 8161R GU29 RD2XJ TBL6-4000
3CX1200A7 8170 GU32 RD300S TBL6-4000 (another datasheet)
3CX1200A7 Amplifier 8226 GU32B RD3XL TBL6-6000
3CX1200D7 8295A GU33A RD50VL TBL6-6000 (another datasheet)
3CX15000A3 8560A GU33B RD50XA TBL7-8000
3CX15000A7 8560AS GU34B RD50XH TBL7-8000 (another datasheet)
3CX15000B7 8560AS GU34B (another datasheet) RD50XL TBL7-9000
3CX15000H3 8684 GU36B RD50YA TBW12-100
3CX1500A7 8791 GU39A RD5XF TBW12-25
3CX1500A7 Amplifier 8791 (another datasheet) GU39B RD5XG TBW12-25 (another datasheet)
3CX1500D3 8792 GU39P RD5XH TBW12-25 (another datasheet)
3CX1500D7 8792 (another datasheet) GU43A RD5YA TBW12-38
3CX20000A7 8794 GU43B RD5YF TBW12-38 (another datasheet)
3CX2500H3 8802 GU43B RD5YH TBW15-125
3CX3000A1 8806 GU44A RD75YB TBW6-14
3CX3000A7 8807 GU44B RD75YH TBW6-14 (another datasheet)
3CX3000A7 8873 GU45A RD8XA TBW6-20
3CX3000F1 8874 GU46 RD8XH TBW6-6000
3cx3000f7 8875 GU47A RE0125XL TBW6-6000 (another datasheet)
3CX3000F7 8890 GU47B RE025XA TBW7-8000
3CX3000F7 8891 GU48 RE025XB TBW7-8000 (another datasheet)
3CX300A1 8930 GU4A RE025XB (another datasheet) TBW7-9000
3CX400A7 8938 GU50 RE025XM TD2-400A
3CX400A7 8976 GU53A RE025XM (another datasheet) TD2-500A
3CX400U7 8977 GU53B RE025XS TH289
3CX4500F3 8984 GU56 RE035XB TH293
3CX5000A7 8986 GU5A RE1.5XL TH294
3CX5000H3 8988 GU5B RE1000F TH306
3CX6000A7 8989 GU61B RE1000F (another datasheet) TH308
3CX6000A7 8990 GU61P RE125C TH313
3CX6000H3 9007 GU62A RE125C (another datasheet) TH316
3CX800A7 9011 GU63 RE12XM TH326
3CX800A7 9017 GU66A RE12XO TH328
3CX800A7 AB17 GU66B RE20XL TH338
3CX800A7 AX-5184 GU66P RE20XM TH344
3CX800A7 Preliminary March 1983 C1112 GU68A RE3XM TH345
3CX800A7 Proposed FCC Ruling May 1985 CCS1 GU68P RE3XO TH347
3CX800U7 EL509 GU70B RE400A TH347 (another datasheet)
4-1000A GI11B GU71B RE400C TH382
4-1000A GI12B GU72 RE400C (another datasheet) TH382 (another datasheet)
4-125A GI13BM GU73B RE5XL TH393
4-125A GI15B GU73P RE5XM TH399
4-250A GI15B (another datasheet) GU74B RE5XN TH5-4
4-400A (Eimac) GI19B GU74B RE65A TH5-6
4-400A (RCA) GU76B RE8XM TH576 GI21B
4-500A GI22 GU78B RL65A TH582
4616 GI23B GU78B RS1034L TH6-3, TH6-36-3A
4617 GI25 GU81M RS1036L X2186
4628 GI26A GU84B RS1043CV Y-477
4631 GI26B GU84B RS1054L Y-811
4632 GI27AM GU88A RS1081V Y-831
4636 GI30 GU88P RS1082CL Y820
4648 GI31 GU91B RS1084CJ YC-179
4657 GI39B GU92B RS1092L YC-243
4661 GI41 GU93B RS1094L YC130
4662 GI41 (another datasheet) GU94A RS1828 YC156
4664 GI42B GU94P RS1896 YC156 (another datasheet)
4665 GI46B GU96A RS2001K YD1150
4677 GI50A GU96B RS2002V YD1150A
4687 GI53 KT88 RS2004J YD1152
4688 GI5B ML-6696A RS2011V YD1154
4694 GI6B ML-6697A RS2012CL YD1160
4CPW10000R GI7B NL1096 RS2014CL YD1160
4CS250R GI7B PB2-500 RS2015CL YD1170
4CW10000A GI7BT Q160-1 RS2016CL YD1170
4CW30000A GK11P Q450-1 RS2018CL YD1173
4CW50000J GK12A QB-3-300 RS2021V YD1174
4CX10000D GK5A QB2-250 RS2022CL YD1175
4CX10000J GK71 QB2-75 RS2024CL YD1180
4CX1000A GK9B QB3-300GA RS2026CL YD1182
4CX12000A GK9P QB3.5-750 RS2031V YD1185
4CX15000A GM100 QB3.5-750GA RS2032CL YD1186
4CX15000J GM100A QB4-1100 RS2034CL YD1190
4CX15000R GM100B QB4-1100GA RS2041V YD1192
4CX1500A GM1A QB5-1750 RS2042SK YD1195
4CX1500A GM1P QB5-2000 RS2048CJ YD1202
4CX1500A GM2A QBL3.5-2000 RS2051V YD1212
4CX1500A GM2B QBL4-800 RS2052CV YD1212
4CX1500B GM3A QBL5-3500 RS2054SK YD1240
4CX1600B GM3B QC05-35 RS2058CJ YD1300
4CX1600B GM3P QE-08-200 RS2064CL YD1302
4CX20000A GM4B QE04-10 RS2068CL YD1334
4CX20000B GM5B QE05-40 RS2074SK YD1335
4CX20000C GM70 QE05-40F RS2078SK YD1336
4CX250K and 4CX250M GM70 (another datasheet) QE06-50 RS685 YD1342
4CX250B GMI-42B QE08-200 RS686 YL1000
4CX250B GMI10 QE08-200H S93413E YL1020
4CX250B GMI14B QEL-2-250 S93419E YL1030
4CX250B GMI16R QEL1-150 S93421E YL1042
4CX250M GMI19B QEL2-250 S94000E YL1055
4CX3000A GMI2B QEP20-18 S94600E YL1056
4CX300A GMI30 QQC03-14 S94604F YL1057
4CX300A GMI32B QQC04-15 S94608E YL1057
4CX300Y GMI32B (another datasheet) QQE02-5 S94610E YL1058
4CX350 GMI34A QQE03-12 SV300B YL1060
4CX3500A GMI34B QQE03-12 (another datasheet) SV572-10 YL1070
4CX350A GMI37A QQE03-20 SV572-160 YL1080
4CX350A GMI41A QQE04-20 SV572-3 YL1100
4CX350F GMI42B QQE04-5 SV572-30 YL1130
4CX350FJ GMI42B QQE06-40 SV811-10 YL1150
4CX400A GMI46B QQV02-6 SV811-10A YL1190
4CX400A GMI47A QQV03-10 SV811-3 YL1240
4CX5000A GMI5 QQV03-20A SV811-3A YL1420
4CX5000A GMI6 QQV03-25 T1000-1 YL1430
4CX5000A (8170) GMI6 (another datasheet) QQV04-15 T2000-1 YL1440
4CX5000J GMI7 QQV04-16 T380-1 YL1520
4CX5000R GMI83V QQV06-40A T500-2 YU-148
4CX5000R (8170W) GMI90 QQV07-40 T800-2 YU-181
4CX600J GP-5 QQV07-50 T800-2 (another datasheet) ZD1000F
4CX7500A GP5 QQV5-P10 T800-3  
4CX7500A GS-15B QQZ03-20 TA04-5  
4CX800A GS-17B QQZ04-15 TB04-10  
4CX800A GS-23B QQZ06-40 TB1-50  


SK-1306 and SK-1406
SK-1400A and SK-1470A
SK-2200, SK-2210 and SK2216
SK-306 and SK-316
SK-350 and SK360
SK-600A and SK-610A
SK800B,801,810B,811,890B and 806

Documents and White Papers

Air Cooled Transmitting Tubes
Application Report 4X150-4X250
Broadcast Data Sheet
Build Your Own Transmitter
Burle Electro Optics Handbook
Care and Feeding of Power Grid Tubes
Care and Feeding of Power Tetrodes
Eimac Tube Performance Computer Chart
Power Grid Tubes Quick Reference Catalogue (1975)
RC-14 Receiving Tube Manual
RC-22 Receiving Tube Manual
Russian Tubes
Technical documentation diacrode
Techniques to Extend the Service Life of High Power Vacuum Tubes
TP-105 Application Guide for BURLE Power Tubes
TP-116 Application Guide for BURLE Large Power Magnetrons
TP-117 Handling and Operating Considerations When Using Broadcast type Tetrodes
TP-118 Application Guide for Forced Air Cooling of Power Tubes
TP-122 Screen Grid Current Loading and Bleeder Considerations
TP-162 Optimizing Double Tuned Output Circuits for Tetrode Power Amplifiers
TP-202 Techniques To Extend The Service Life Of High Power Vacuum Tubes
TT-5 Technical Manual Transmitting Tubes up to 3KW Plate Input
Tube Topics