ZC4LI Silent Key

ZC4LI, Steve Hodgson, also known as 5B4AHA, C4C, G0LII, G6G and ZD8LII, QRV until a few weeks ago, has become a Silent Key, passing on Saturday afternoon, August 31. In April, W3UR received an email from Steve describing his first bout with cancer, in 2011, with 47cm of intestines removed, but it was too late; the cancer had already migrated to his liver.

Steve was well prepared for parting, with a plot in the Military Cemetery in Cyprus "booked." He told Bernie, "I have been living with this for over three years now, so I do tend to get a bit blase. It does not worry me at all, as long [as] it is quick and painless. I could walk off this mortal coil tomorrow. It is the ones who are left behind who have all of the sorrow. I will be well out of it".”

Steve was 69. 5B4AIY, Adrian, says Steve was "an enthusiastic contest operator and had won many awards. I'm sure his call will be sorely missed." A friend has gone; yet those of us reading this remain a little longer.